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T23367"Alabama: The Closer You Get / You Turn Me On, RCA(PB-13524), US, FLC, 1983, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
S94967"Astor,Tom: Freundschaft, Electrola(881 181-7), D, 1993, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T30267"Bare,Bobby: Detroit City / 500 Miles Away...,Ri, RCA(26.11035), D, 1972, p1 p2 2,00 Euro
T29197"Blanchard,Jack & Morgan,Misty: Tennesse Bird Walk/HumphreyTheCamel, Gusto, LC(GT4-2092), US, 1979, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T8367"Blomberg,Alf: Big Boss, Music Rec(13831 AT), D, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
S87977"Bobbejaan und seine Gitarre: Ich steh'an der Bar u.habe keinGeld, Ariola(35 337), D,vg-/m-, p1 p2 2,00 Euro
S88147"Campbell,Glen: Southern Nights/ William Tell Overt, Capitol(006-85 082), D, 1977, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T31217"Campbell,Glen: Sunflower / How High Did We Go, Electrola(006-85 189), D, 1977, p1 p2 2,00 Euro
T6867"Carter,Carlene w. Dave Edmunds: Baby Ride Easy, WB(17 691), D, 1980, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
T18187"Cash,Johnny: Any Old Wind That Blows, CBS Blitzinfo.(CBS S 1115), D, 1972, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
T49007"Davidson,Charlene: Do It My Way, vg+/LC, Chart, DJ-Promo(CH 5200), US, 1973, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
T22197"Denver,John: My Sweet Lady/Welcome To My Morning, RCA/Promo-stol(PB-10911), US, FLC, 1976, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T29077"Felts,Narvel: I'd Love You To Want Me, LC, Lobo(LOBO III), US, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T41237"Forster,Tom: Abgehaun/Glaub'Mir-Ich versteh'Dich, Philips(6005 198), D, 1981, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T51627"Fromholz,Steve: She's Everybody's Baby But Mine, Lone Star Rec.(707), US,m-/LC, 1978, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
S85817"Gabriel,Gunter: Ich bin CB-Funker, Hansa(15 667 AT), D, 1978, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
S97747"Gabriel,Gunter: Ich Schlaf' Nicht Gern Allein Ein, Hansa(11 539 AT), D, 1977, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T45817"Gabriel,Gunter: Intercity Linie Nr.4, Hansa/Der Andere Song(17 002 AT), D, 1976, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T8057"Graham,Mike: Then Came You, Musterplatte, EMI / MAM(006 EVC 60 311), D, 1977, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T2827"Greyhounds: San Antonio Lady, Koch(145.381), A, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T27217"Hill,Johnny: Ruf' Teddybär Eins-Vier, RCA(PB 5609), D, 1978, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T9137"Horton,Johnny: When it's Springtime in Alaska, Columb.(13-33027), US Ri,FLC, 1958, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T17867"Katja: Schade,daß sie ungeseh'n verblüht, Summer(S 831), D, Facts, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
T17537"Landon,Neil: One of the Big Boys/Who's Pretty..., Vertigo(6005 206), D, 1982, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T15777"Lightfoot,Gordon: Carefree Highway/Cotton Jenny, Reprise(REP 14 406), D, 1975, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T11757"Loggins,Dave: Please come to Boston, Epic(5-11115), US,NoCover, 1974, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T22687"Milsap,Ronnie: Inside / Carolina Dreams, FLC, RCA(PB-13362), US, 1982, p1 p2 1,50 Euro
T23337"Milsap,Ronnie: It Don'tHurtToDream/ItWasAlmost..., RCA / Promo-stol(PB-10976), US, FLC, 1977, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
S80657"Nelson,Willie: Highway Man / Always on my mind, CBS(651518 7), NL, 1988, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T11747"Nelson,Willie: Why are you pick'in on me/CityNOrl., Columbia(38-04568), US,NoCover, 1984, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
S92697"Overstreet,Tommy: What more could a man need, Elektra(ELK 12 386 N), D, 1979, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T785EPPage's,Ralph - Boston Boys: Square Dances, Tanz/Walter Kögler(58 702), D, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
T34917"Rabbitt,Eddie: I Love A Rainy Night/Short Road To, Elektra(ELK 12 498-N), D, 1980, p1 p2 2,00 Euro
T3811CoverRocky Mountains Ol'Time Stompers: Oh!Susannah - (only cover), Disques Pop(45S.259), F, p1 p2 1,00 Euro
T34337"Rogers,Kenny: Coward of the Country, UA(006-82 807), D, 1980, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T12707"Rogers,Kenny: Coward of the Country, LC, UA(UP 614), UK, 1979, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T23357"Rogers,Kenny: I Want A Son/LoveWill TurnYouAround, Liberty(B-1471), US, FLC, 1982, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T33077"Rogers,Kenny: Lucille / Till I Get It Right, UA(36 242 AT), D, 1976, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T29607"Rogers,Kenny: Lucille/Something's Burning, EMI Am.(X 1154), US,FLC,Ri, 1977, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T24097"Rogers,Kenny: Lying Again / Sweet Music Man, FLC, UA(UA-XW1095), US, 1977, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T23327"Rogers,Kenny: We Don't Make Love Anymore, FLC, UA(UA-XW1027), US, 1977, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
S94987"Rogers,Kenny: You Decorated My Life, Electrola(006-82762), D, 1979, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T8847"Rogers,Kenny / Parton,Dolly: Islands in the Stream, RCA(PB 60107), D, 1983, p1 p2 2,00 Euro
S76537"Stevens,Ray: The Streak, Bellaphon(BF 18248), D, 1974, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T21697"Thomas,B.J.: WhateverHappened ToOldFashionedLove, Columbia,Promo-Stol(38-03492), US, FLC, 1983, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
T8857"Truck Stop: Der Tramp, Nature(0030.132), D, 1978, p1 p2 2,00 Euro
T29087"Truck Stop: Der wilde wilde Westen/ So allein, Nature(0030.240), D, 1980, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
S85247"Truck Stop: Happy Birthday, Metronome(881 733-7), D, 1985, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T2197"Truck Stop: Hello Josephine, Telefunken(u 56319), D, 1974, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
S85767"Truck Stop: Ich möcht' so gern DaveDudley hör'n, Nature(0030.089), D, 1978, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T35807"Truck Stop: Old Texas Town,Die Westernstadt, Nature(0030.324), D, 1980, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
S94977"Truck Stop: Take It Easy, Altes Haus, Nature(0030.161), D, 1979, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
T35837"Truck Stop: Wir sind die Cowboys, Metronome(821 450-7), D, 1984, p1 p2 2,50 Euro

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