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Y190012"1020: Crash In My Head *3, Mercury, Promo, , 1999,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X667512"*216C+: Big Time/ Under 4 Ever, Part 1 & 2, Low Spirit,  p1 p2 p312,50 Euro
E166012"1st Of April: Chicken In The Jungle *2+1, Ariola(608 791-213), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X791512"2 House: Go Techno, Pyrotech Rec., US, LC, 1992,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y182912"2 In A Room: Do Wat You Want*2 / Take me away*2, BCM(12394), D,vg+/m-, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X228912"2 In A Room: Wiggle It *4, BCM(656 703), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y278312"2 Kut: Beat Boy*2 (9:50), Cash Beat(CB09), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X870412"2 KUT: House Of The Tripping Son+1, Virgin TOT92(611 959-213), D, 1988,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X878612"2 KUT: I'm Gonna Explode*2, Virgin, TOT93(611 960), D, 1988,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X994012"2 Mad: Thinkin'About Your Body+2, Big Life(879561-1), D, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X927912"25th of May: It't all right*3, Facts, Arista(614 442), D, 1991,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y348512"2Pac: Thugz Mansion*6, Promo, Interscope(2PACVP1), EU, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X960112"3rd Storee: Get With Me*4, Def Soul, FLC(DEFR 15591-1), US, Promo, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X962812"4 Clubbers: Someday*3, Promo, Alphabet City(6219), D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X636712"400 Blows: Movin'+2, m-/vg+, Illuminate(601 840), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y148312"400 Blows: Runaway *2 / Breakdown*2, Illuminate(2ND-015), E,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X427312"4000: Krass*2+4, Flavamatic(354.0002.0), D, 1999,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H731612"5TA: Low Rider *3+1, m-/vg+, Arista(609 057), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X932112"808 State: 10x10 *2 / La Luz *2, ZTT, Promo(SAM 1138), D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X928912"808 State: 10x10 *2 Vox / Beat, FLC, ZTT(SAM 933),  p1 p24,00 Euro
X862312"A Mouth & a Kick: Crazy*4, Proton(Pro 013-6), D, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F888312"A Split Second: Firewalker+2, Animalized(050-03195), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C218412"A-One: Rock'n'Roll *2, Electrola, D, 1992,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X457612"Aaron,Lee: Barely Holdin' on +2, Roadrunner(RR 125488), NL, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X512212"ABC: The Night You Murdered Love*3+1, Mercury(888 783-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H157812"ABC: When Smokey Sings*2/Chicago, Mercury(888 604-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y149612"Abdul,Paula: Promise Of A New Day*3, Posterbag, Virgin(VUSTP 44), UK, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y672P12"Action Mixes: The Complete Action Mixes,pic.disc, BCM(B.C.33-2088-45), D,  p1 p212,50 Euro
H271912"Adam Ant: Vive Le Rock (Remixed)/Greta X, CBS(TA6367), UK, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X968612"Adam.F feat.Lil'Mo: Where's My...*3, LC, EMI(12EMDJ598), EU, Promo, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y175612"Adams,Bryan with Tina Turner: It's Only Love*2(Live)+1, AM(392 060-1), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y4100LP+12"Adeva: Same + 12" Maxi, Chrysalis(210 146), D, 1989,  p1 p2 p37,50 Euro
Y385012"Adolf Noise/DJ Koze & Station 17: Rammelwolle Remixe*2+1, Freude am Tanzen(FAT 025), D, 2005,  p1 p2 p37,50 Euro
H430512"Adu: Working for the Goverment +2, Modtone(ADU 2 12), , 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y96312"Adventures: One Step From Heaven ext.rmx. +3, Elektra(966 730-0), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F459312"Adventures: Send My Heart*2, ext.remix+2, Chrysalis(601 577-213), D, 1984,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X980712"Aerosoul: Rumors*2+1, Fuel, D, 2003,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X155212"Afrob: Made In Germany, FS-New, Four Music(FOR 1012), D, 2001,  p1 p212,50 Euro
H826912"Afroman: Crazy Rap*3+1,Promo, LC, Universal(B259616-01), EU, 2002,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H516912"After The Fire: Sternenflug/Dancing Shadow/1980-F, Epic(A 12.2337), NL, 1982,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H615712"Age Of Chance: Be Fast Be Clean Be Cheap+5, Fon(AGE X5), UK, 1986,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X897912"Age Of Chance: Crush Collision Is Sonic Metal Disc, Virgin(208 271-270), D,6 Tr., 1986,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X898012"Age Of Chance: Kiss *3, Leeds v the Bronx, Fon(AGE L5), UK, Lim Ed, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y62912"Age Of Chance: Who's Afraid of t. Big Band Noise+2, Virgin(VS 962 12), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X527212"Age Pee: Pop up the groove *2, Complete Records(620 853), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F699012"Agent-909: Mission Impossible Theme, 2Tr., Music Mail(MI2000), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y19312"Airborn: Midnight On Mars*2+1, m-/vg+, CBS(A 12.6826), NL, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y169012"gxAirscape Cruising: At Night Mix *2, vg+/m-, Logic(401 63305 004-1), EC, LC, 1993,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y15912"Al-Din Birdette: UM,UM,UM,UM,UM,UM *5, Dur Music(DM 13046), UK, 1996,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C223712"Alarm: Absloute Reality / Blaze Of, IRS(Alarm 12), UK, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H997812"Alarm: Absolute Reality+3, IRS(A 12.6084), NL, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A868012"Alarm: Strenght+2, m-/vg+, IRS(A 12.6550), NL, 85,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X870612"Alarm: The Chant Has Just Begun+3, IRS(A 12.4776), NL, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X957312"Alex Morph: EP(Part One), Supernova*2, HBF*2, Club Culture(8573 86042-0), D, 2000,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y393412"Alex Smoke: Never Want to See You Again*3, Soma(197), UK, LC, 2006,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X831212"Alexkid: Bienvenida*2, FS-New, F Communications(F 147), D, 2001,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y19512"ALF: Stuck on Earth*2 (Housemix)+1, RCA(PT 41664), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F877112"Alien Sex Fiend: Bun Ho! + 3, vg+/vg+, Anagram(50-2867), D, 1988,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F883312"Alien Sex Fiend: I Walk The Line, Schools Out +2, Flicknife(FLEP 106), UK, 1986,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F877012"Alien Sex Fiend: Magic/Comatose(Mix)+1, Anagram(050-45265), D, 1992,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y296012"Alive featuring d.d.klein: Alive*4, Motivo Productions(MOTIVO 002), I, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B943512"All Saints: All Hooked Up*3 (Architecs Vocal), London(LXDJ456), UK, LC, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B943412"All Saints: All Hooked Up*3 (K-Gee Full Remix), London(LXXDJ456), UK, LC, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y18712"All That Jazz: Banner Of Love+2, Wire(WRMS 004), UK, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X216812"Allen,Lloyd: I keep looking at you *2, Epic(49-04253), US, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H735112"Allen,Peter: I Go To Rio*2+1, AM(390 591-1), D, 1990,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C983412"Allen,Steve: Letter From My Heart (club/dub) +1, BCM(12492), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H668712"Alpert,Herb: 8 Ball / Lady Love / Rise, AM(392 028-1), NL, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X523212"Alpert,Herb: Making Love in the Train*2+Megamix, AM(392230-1), D,m-/vg+, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X548712"Alpert,Herb: Red Hot/Sundown Rotation, sp.rmx, AM(AMS 12-9726), NL, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y378112"Alter Ego: Beat The Bush*2 / Tubeaction, Klang Tronic(KLANG 94), D, 2005,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
Y384312"Alter Ego: Gate 23, dub / isolee rmx / Daktari, Klang Electronic(Klang 99), D, 2005,  p1 p2 p3 p4 p57,50 Euro
F994312"Altered Images: Pinky Blue, dance mix +2, Epic(EPC A 13-2426), UK, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X778312"Amazulu: Montenego Bay / Only Love, Island(12 IS 293), UK, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H528612"Amazulu: Moonlight Romance/Moonlight Dub, Island(601 678-213), D, 1984,  p1 p21,00 Euro
Y139512"Amorph: Aerostatic / Am.Anthem / Elaminoid, Formaldehyd(FORM 028), D, 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y241812"Amorph: Sunflow*2, orig/rmx, Formaldehyd, Promo(578 161-1), D, 1996,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X866812"*2Amos: Only Saw Today/Instand Karma, Positiva MP(12TIVDJ-16), UK, Promo, 1994,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y18212"An American In Paris: Work Hard*2+1, Teldec(6.70022 AE), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B945112"Ana Ann: Ride*2+1,LC, LL Rec.(DES 030203), EU, 2002,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X838612"Anastasia Screamed: Samantha Black+2, Roughneck(HYPE 2T), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H735212"Anderson,Annie & Maurice Dean: The Must Of The 50's, 1-sided, Carrere(CAR 13028), B,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H806912"Anderson,G.G.: Mama Lorraine/Baby I hear you cry.., Hansa(600 402-213), D, 1981,  p1 p22,00 Euro
Y121212"Anderson,John: Plays Glenn Miller / Scot's Medley, yxa / Avon(INT 126.513), D, 1986,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H735612"Anderson,Jon: Hold On To Love/In a Lifetime +1, CBS(CBS 651514 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y382712"Andersson,Tomas: Festivities, Bpitch Control(BPC100), D, 2005,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E278112"Animal Logic: There's a Spy(in the house of Love), Virgin(PL 90544), D, 1989,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
H736912"Animation: Let Him Go(club+dub), Mercury(880 737-1Q), D, 1984,  p1 p21,00 Euro
H737012"Anka,Paul: Freedom f.t.World*2/TooYoung to die, White Rec.(609 427), D, 1987,  p1 p21,50 Euro
Y18412"Ansell,Martin: Brilliant+2, Island(608 015-213), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y18812"Anthony,Mark: 1919 Main St. *4, CBS(TBU 652997 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y32712"Anthony,Mike: Swing Your Daddy +1, FLC, Metronome(0930.093), D, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X704612"April Nine: Hey*4+1 ,FLC, Hyperium(39101680), D, 1996,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X491612"April Wine: Ladies Man +3, m-/vg+, Capitol(12CL 16164), UK, 1979,  p1 p26,00 Euro
Y380412"Aquanote: True Love*4, Naked Music(NM 010), US, 2000,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
B919412"Architechs: Body Groove*5, Promo, Go Beat!(URB DJ 2122), EU, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H737412"Argandona: Killing Cars / People In Love, EMI(14 7133 6), D, 1986,  p1 p21,00 Euro
Y190112"Arj Snoek: 125 EP, 4 Tr., Ladomat(2046-0), D, Promo, 1997,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y384712"Arken: Arken 10/Tree Bells/Vessel, FS-New, Sonar Kollektiv(SK 056), D, 2005,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
X822612"Arm: Number One*2, Carrere(CAR 6.20589 AE), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F594212"Armatrading,Joan: How Cruel +3, one sided, AM(AMLE 63302), NL, 1979,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y262612"Armatrading,Joan: The Weakness In Me+3, AM(AMS 12.9191), NL, 1981,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
X963812"Arne L.II: Grave Diggers Have More Fun*3, Deep Mission(DM 20), D, rmx pt2, 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X227112"Arrington,Steve: Dancin' In The Key Of Life, mega mx, Atlantic(786 864-0), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y19712"Arrow: Limbo Calypso*4, Mango(868 461-1), UK, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y18012"Arrows: Talk Talk(ext) / Easy Street, AM(392 059-1), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X548812"Artery: Diamonds in the Mine e.p., m-/vg+, Golden Dawn(GD 1204), UK, 1984,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X947712"Artful Dodger: Think About Me*2+1, ffrr(fx394), EU, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X947812"Artful Dodger: Think About Me*3, 3 step mix, ffrr(fxx 394), UK, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X969912"Artful Dodger: TwentyFourSeven*6, WEA(0927 42464-0), D, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y127212"Artists United Against Apartheid: Sun City / Not so far away (dub), Manhattan(20 0927 6), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X624712"Ärzte: Wegen Dir(super+zeltl) +1, CBS(A 12.6665), NL, 1985,  p1 p235,00 Euro
X975512"Asio Kids feat. 2for5: On The Move*4, HongKong(HKR 012), D, 2003,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y3176LP/12"Astley,Rick: Sleeping,mix+Album,Foc, m-/vg+, Universal, Promo, D,  p1 p2 p3 p47,50 Euro
E143512"Aswad: Next To You *4, Mango(613558), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X928712"Aswad: Too Wicked E.P., 4Tr, vg+/m-, Mango(12 MNG 771), D, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X827112"ATFC pres Onephatdeeva f.L.Millett: Bad Habit *4, Defected(114230DEF), D, 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X226312"Atlantic Starr: Let The Sun In, WB (W8145T)(920 816-0), UK, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E127312"Atlantic Starr: Secret Lovers+2, AM, D, 1985,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
Y18912"Atm Oz Fear: Athmosphere Introducing Mae B, CBS(655813 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H972712"Atom Seed: I Don't Want To Talk About it, Organ 001(860 947 975), D, 1990,  p1 p22,00 Euro
X859012"Attitude (Madonna): Behind The Sun*2, (X11), LC,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y29412"Audio Web: Sleeper *4, Mother Records(12 MUM 69), UK, 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X979912"Aufnahmezustand feat.DJ MK One: Same, 6 Tr., Just Rockin' Records(JRR001), D, 1999,  p1 p29,00 Euro
Y257312"Awa Band: Timba Part 1 *5, wol, Defected(0110900DEF), D, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y15512"Axel-Bissler,Karl: The Gateway+1, Novamute(05814800), UK, 1993,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X959912"Axinia: Bring On The Sunshine*4, FLC, Deep Culture(0927 40448-0), D, 2001,  p1 p26,00 Euro
Y206812"Aztec Camera: Still On Fire + 4, EP, WEA(AC2T), UK, 1984,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
Y139412"Azucar Moreno: Mambo*3, Epic(657256 6), NL, 1991,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X638612"B Boys: Cuttin' Herbie*2+3, FLC, m /vg-, Street Wave(X KHAN 501), UK, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X946712"B-ZET: Evelasting Picture*5, FLC, EYE Q, Promo(pro 6062), D, 1995,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y303212"B.A.T.: Monster Remix, 4 Tr., Flim Flam(FFR 1209),  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y204812"B.G. The Prince Of Rap: Give Me The Music - The Remixes, DancePool(6574413 5), NL, 33rpm, 1991,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
H256812"B.T. Express: Uptown Express *3, BCM(12 769), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H2812"B.V.S.M.P.: Be Gentle *3, + Poster, BCM(B.C.12-2130-40), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C371812"B.V.S.M.P.: I Need You*2. Ext, radio, BCM(B.C.12-2080-40), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y19612"Baby Ford: Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh / Fordtrax, Rhythm King(BFORD 2), UK, 1988,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X523912"Baby Ford feat Oochy Koochy: Children Of The Revolution+2, stoc, BFord 4(M1-268), D, 1988,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X320912"Baby's Gang: Happy Song / Ice Cream, Foc, ZYX(ZYX 5076), D,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X282912"Bad Boy: The Man You Love+3, vg+/vg+, View(VS1), D, 1982,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X871612"Badmarsh & Shri: Air I Breathe*2 / Lament, Outcaste(OUT 12X), UK, 1998,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y29512"Badmarsh & Shri: Swarm*2, FS-New, Outcaste(OUT 34X), UK, 2001,  p1 p26,00 Euro
B44712"Bailey,Philip: Walking On The Chinese Wall+1, CBS(A 12-6079), NL, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X504912"Baker,Steve: Free Fall *2+1, m-/vg+, White Gold Dance(Gold 105), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X792512"Bakers of the holy Bread: Roughnecks Comin' / Childabuse, FLC, Sidelake Prod.(12-SLP-1007), S, 1993,  p1 p27,50 Euro
C795712"Balaam and the Angels: Day And Night+3, Virgin(607 982-213), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y19112"Balaam and the Angels: She Knows+3, Virgin(608 101-213), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H807112"Balder: Erna kommt / Fass mich nicht an, Ariola(601 480-213), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C678512"Balloon: Bad & Sexy*3, EW(PR 2285), D, Promo, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X509112"Bambi Slam: Bamp-Bamp+2, Product Inc.(2.12), US, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E428012"Bamboo!!!: Je Suis Bamboo / Time Bomb, Indinasty, E, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H958912"Bananarama: A Trick of the Night*2+1, 108 bpm, Metronome(886 111-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F986712"Bananarama: Do Not Disturb*2+1, Metronome(882 071), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X82312"Bananarama: Help / Love in the Factory, London(886 493-1), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X43312"Bananarama: I Can't Help It +1(remix), Metronome(886 242-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y19912"Bananarama: Love In The First Degree*2+1, Metronome(886 202-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y19812"Bananarama: Love, Truth&Honesty, Strike it Rich, London(886 362-1), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y123612"Bangles: Walking Down Your Street+1, CBS(650280 6), NL, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y19012"Banks Statement: Throwback(rmx) / This Is Love/+1, Virgin(612 528-213), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X237012"Baobab: N.O. J.O.B.*2, Polydor(815 484-1), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X164812"BAP: Alles Im Lot/Domohls/Land En Sicht, Electrola(1 47539 6), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C678812"Baracuda: I Leave The World Today *2, Part 2, Club Culture, D, 2003,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C678912"Baracuda: I Leave The World Today*2, Club Culture, D, 2003,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y407112"Barber Orch.,Frank: Hooked On Big Bands, FLC, Victory(VIC-800), US, 1982,  p1 p2 p3
•Glen Miller Medley / Duke Ellington Medley.
4,00 Euro
H835612"Bardens,Pete: In Dreams+2, Capitol(20 2197 6), EEC, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H742312"Bartos,Karl: 15 Minutes of Fame*2, Promo, Bigpop(B040875),  p1 p2 p312,50 Euro
Y19212"Bass Patrol: 30'S-N-Lows *2 / All Ho's *2, Joey Boy Records(JB 5027), US, 1991,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y150112"*2Basscamp: Take Your Body *4, Promo, Cheeky(JCHEKT103), UK, 1997,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y385112"Bastien Grine: Where R U ?/Pastel B2-8_2_8, Kompakt(K2/07), D, 2006,  p1 p2 p37,50 Euro
Y30112"Baudo,Serge - Orchestre de Lyon: Bolero, (Ravel), Teil 1 u.2, Ariola(601 664-213), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y152712"Bauer,Axel: Phantasmes *2 (remix), Vogue(311120), F, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H881612"Beagle Music Ltd.: Ice In The Sunshine+1, RCA(PT 40296 AF), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H748412"Bear,Richard T.: The Runner+2, orange Vinyl, Teldec(6.20486 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p22,00 Euro
H1645P12"Beat Pirate: Are You On 1 Matey*4, picture disc, BCM(18142), D,  p1 p210,00 Euro
C850012"Beat The Drum: This City +2, Metronome(881 438-1 ME), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y18312"Beatboxing Vol. 1.0: Handarbeit *3+2, Zomba /RTD(103.3859.0 PC16), D, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H815312"Beatmasters: Dunno What It Is *6, Epic(658001 6), , 1991,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y148112"Beatmasters: Warm Love*2, Rhythm King(LEFT 37 T), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H416912"Beatmasters with PP Arnold: Burn it Up / Acid Burn, Rhythm King(LEFT 27T), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X216712"Beats 4 u feat. Anthony Roach: It's not over *4, Electrola(20 3883 6), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C981412"Beck,Robin: Don't Lose Any Sleep*2+1, Metron.(876695-1), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H57212"Beck,Robin: Save up all your Tears+2, Metronome(872 711-1), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y412212"Belafonte,Harry: Klassiker z. Trinken & Hören 2, RCA / BOLS Banane(36.20001), D, 4Tr., 1979,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
E503312"Belafonte,Shari: Who Do You Think Am I*2+1, Metronome(887 092-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H749412"Belcanto: Only One Woman*2+1, CBS(A 12.7058), NL, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
Y27512"Bell Biv Devoe: Da Hot Sh**(Aight)*4, Universal(UNIDJ050), EU,Promo, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y30012"Bell,Beckie: Let Me Know*2, voc / instrum., Carrere(6.20731 AE), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y356412"Belle Stars: Iko Iko*3 (ext,beats,7"rmx), Capitol(20 3317 6), EU, 1982,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X208012"Belle Stars: Sign of the Times *2 / Madness, Stiff(6.20 185 AE), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y202612"Benatar,Pat: Invincible*2 / Heartbreaker-Live, Chrysalis(601 941-213), D Ri, co, 1985,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
X966112"Bender: Wer Ist...? *3+3, Facts, HiddenTape(HT 001), D, 2002,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X8581LP+12"Bennato,Edoardo: E Arrivato Un Bastimento,Foc +Comic, Virgin(302 299-406), D, 1983,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X777412"Bennato,Edoardo & G.Nannini: Un'Estate Italiana*3, Virgin(612 913), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H668112"Bent,Phillip: The World Is A Ghetto*4,Promo,LC, GRP(WMCST 1747), UK,  p1 p22,50 Euro
Y16512"Benz: Urban City Girl*6, RCA(URBAN4), UK, Promo, 1995,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H839412"Berlin: Sex (I'm a...) b.w. instr., Mercury(810 479-1), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C56312"Betty Boo: 24 Hours-The Remixes,Foc, Rhythm King(LEFT R45T), UK, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X975212"Bhangra Knights vs Husan: Same*5, LC, EW, D, 2003,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X813312"Bhundu Boys / African Herb: same, 4Tr., Discafrique Records(DIS 1), UK, 1985,  p1 p27,50 Euro
H432612"Bianco,Bonnie: Miss You So *2+1, Metronome(885 644), D, 1987,  p1 p22,00 Euro
H754312"Big Audio Dynamite: The Bottom Line / BAD,Muster-Stoc, CBS(A 12.6591), NL, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H752212"Big Country: Fields Of Fire *2 / Angel Park, Mercury(6400 754), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H754412"Big Country: Hold the Heart*2/Honky Tonk Woman, Phonogram(BIG CX 4), UK, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H752112"Big Country: Look Away*2+1-12" Mix, Mercury(884 698-10), D, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
Y231912"Big Dipper: Boo-Boo, 6 Tr. EP, Homestead(HMS 077), US, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y29812"Big Fun: Blame It On The Boogie *3, JIVE(ZT43062), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H753312"Big Pig: Breakaway,Popper Mix +2, AM(392279-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H753412"Big Pig: Hungry Town(Grub Club Mix)+2(Mixe), AM(392261-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y24012"Big Sound Authority: A Bad Town, 5Tr. EP, MCA(258 996-0), D, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H522712"Big Trouble: When the Love is Good / Last Kiss, Epic(460 489 1), UK, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H441212"Big Trouble: When the Love is Good / Last Kiss, Epic(EPC 651322 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B919312"Big World meets Gerald: Open Your Heart*4, Clubland(CLR009), D, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X963912"Big World meets Gerald: Open Your Heart*5, Clubland(CLR009RMX), D, 2001,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
F768212"Bigzap!: Psychedelic Shack/Zap Attack,co, TIM(12 MoT 7), UK, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B951712"Bintis: Groupiez*4 / Punny *3, Def Jam, EU,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X884612"Bivouac: Same, 4 Tr., El-e-mental Records(ELM 2T), UK, 1992,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X884412"Bivouac: Slack+2, 1-sided engraved, El-e-menta(elm 4t), UK, 1992,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y387812"Bizarre: Rockstar*3/I'm so cool*2, Sanctuary(SANTW379), EU, 2005,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
H86012"Black & White: Rainbow Bar And Girl *3, Atlantic(786 465-0), D, 1989,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y149912"Black Box: Rockin'to The Music*3, (mix), Deconstruction(743211580915), NL, 1993,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X976312"Black Kappa feat.Crystal Axe: Party On*4, Ariola(74321 93416 1), D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X959812"Black Secret: Blame It On The Boogie*3 (Vinyl 2), Deep Culture(0927 41335-0), D, 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X959712"Black Secret: Blame It On The Boogie*3+1 Vinyl 1, Deep Culture(0927 41334-0), D, 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X775412"Black Uhuru: The Great Train Robbery(dance/dub), RAS(RAS T 7018), UK, 1986,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X917812"Black,Rock & Ron: True Feelings*6, Widder(572 46 091 AD), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H86112"Blade: Rough it up/Whatcha Waitin' for+3, 691 Influential(BLADE 1204), , 1991,  p1 p29,00 Euro
Y412812"Blancmange: Don't Tell Me+1, London(6.20325), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A324612"Blancmange: Don't Tell Me+1, London(BLANX 7), UK, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H861312"Blancmange: What's Your Problem?*2, Teldec(6.20482 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X994112"Bleep,The: Fuck Me*2, !Hype(M 569), D, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X968312"*2Bligg'n'Lexx: Nadishnah, Instrumetal, Dialog Rec. Promo LC, CH, 2000,  p1 p216,50 Euro
H534412"Blind Passengers: Absurdistan*3(Schurkyn/Ext/Laika)mx, (white label)(08-033205-20), ,LC,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A337112"Blow Monkeys: Forbidden Fruit +2,+Facts, RCA(PT 40332), D, 85,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X226712"Blow Monkeys: It Doesn't Have To Be T.Way*2+1,lg, RCA(MONKT 4), UK, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F436012"Blow Monkeys: This Is Your House+2, Foc, RCA(PT 421), UK, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H161012"Blow Monkeys feat Sylvia Tella: Choices? rmx *4, RCA(PT 42958), UK, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X235912"Blue Zöne: Jackie*2+1, Rockin' Horse Records(ZT 42242), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X851512"Blumen Ohne Duft: How To Escape, 4 Tr., What'sSoF.(WSFA SF 08), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H753212"Boel,Hanne: If You Want My Body*2+1, Metron.(879 861-1), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y29712"Bolenski Beat: You're My Heart,You're My Soul *2, WEA, D, 2003,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y339712"Bolenski Beat: You're My Heart,You're My Soul*2, Club Culture, Promo(6957), D, LC, 2003,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H751512"Bolland & Bolland: And The World Turns On*2, Teldec(6.20860 AE), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H751612"Bolland & Bolland: Best Love Of My Life+1, Teldec(6.20733 AE), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H752012"Bolland & Bolland: The Wall Came Tumbling Down*2+1, Teldec(170 917-0), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H136512"Bollock Brothers: Drac's Back / Horror Movies, Charly(BOLL 6), UK, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X156312"Bollock Brothers: Faith Healer+1, Charly(BOLL 7), UK, 1986,  p1 p29,00 Euro
X226612"Bollock Brothers: Harley David Son of a Bitch*2, Play It Again Sam(BiaS 36), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H136412"Bollock Brothers / Bollock Sisters: Rock'n'Roll Suicide+4, Konexion Rec(JUNK 788010), B,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H757012"Bolton,Michael: How Am I Supposed To Live...+2, CBS(CBS 655397 8), NL, 1989,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C981112"Bolton,Michael: How Can We Be Lovers+2, CBS(655836 6), NL, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y257712"Bolton,Michael: Steel Bars+3, Columb.(657708 6), NL, 1991,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
C981512"Bolton,Michael: Time,Love & Tenderness+3, Columb.(656989 6), NL, 1991,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y153312"Bomb Party: Sugar Sugar / Do the Right Thing+1, Normal(93T), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y161412"Bomb Party: Wasted / New Messiah / Wasted +1, Abstract(12 ABS 035), F, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B639012"Bomb The Bass: Love so True, RTD(DOOD4T), D, 91,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X231912"Bomb The Bass: Say Little Prayer+2,Lim.Ed.remix, RhythmKing(DOOD D123), D, 1988,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X229712"Boney M.: My Cherie Amour/Sample City,sp.ext., Hansa(601 686-213), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H458012"Boney M.: mx/radio/Rumours,LC, Hansa(612 997), D,vg+/vg+, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X975412"Boomoperators: The Goodyear EP, 10 Tr., FairDeal(FDR001), D, 2001,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y100612"Bootleggers: Hot Mix 1*2, BCM(12-2047-40), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H973312"Boqus: Noktorno*2+1, Stereo Deluxe(SD 014), D, 1997,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y257812"Borghesia: Message*2(mix)/Rumours/+1, Play it ag(BIAS 166), NL, 1990,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X183912"Born On The Fourth Of July: Eddy Brickell.., John Williams, MCA(2292-57290-0), D, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E502812"Boston: Amanda+1, MCA(258 554-0), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y24112"Boucher,Judy: Can't Be With You Tonight+1, Transparent(802045-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H421312"Boucher,Judy: You Caught My Eyes+1, Transparent(802 058-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H755912"Bourgeois Tagg: Mutual Surrender/ Move Up, Island(608 189-213), D, 1986,  p1 p21,00 Euro
X639612"Boxenluder: Billig(Da stehste doch drauf!)?/!, ALL-DIE Records(051-70672.5), vg+/m-,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H755712"Braithwaite,Daryl: As The Days Go By, m-/vg+, CBS(652941 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p21,00 Euro
H525112"Bram Tchaikovsky: Sarah Smiles/Turn on the Lights/Blo, Criminal(BRAM 1)(D-SWAG 3), UK,vg+/vg+, 1978,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H755412"Branigan,Laura: Shattered Glass/Statue in the rain, Atlantic(786 699-0), D, 1987,  p1 p21,00 Euro
C843612"Branigan,Laura: The Lucky One *2+1, Atlantic(786 928-0), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X678912"BranVan3000: Astounded*4, f.C.Mayfield,NO COVER, Virgin(7243 8 97554 66), EU, 2001,  p1 p26,00 Euro
E395512"Braxton,Toni: I Don't Want To*2+2, La Face(74321 46172 1), EU, 1997,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A439412"Braxton,Toni: Un-Break My Heart*5, Promo, La Face, US, 96,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B599212"Braxton,Toni: You mean the world to me +2, LaFace, Promo(Toni3), , LC, 94,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X789812"Breakfast Club / J.GeilsB.: Right on Track 7:09/Centerfold 3:26, Unidisc(SPEC-1530), CDN, 1987,  p1 p24,50 Euro
X845712"*2Breitbarth,Renee: Solar (like new), Treibstoff(2029), D, 2003,  p1 p210,50 Euro
H531612"Brenai i Miroslav: Jedan Dan Zivota+3, m-/VG+, RTB(2113856), YU, co, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H757412"*2Brightman,Sarah: How Can Heaven Love Me*5, m-/vg+, EW(PM 1478), D, 1996,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C915812"Brigithe: Get Down Tonight *2, CIA / Jeton(575 45092), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F876912"British Plastic: You Leave, wh.Muster, LC, vg+, Toptrax Recordings(0008-12), D, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H158212"Bronski Beat: C'mon C'mon+2, London(886 041-1), D, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H966712"Bronski Beat: Hit That Perfect Beat,6:25ext+1, Metronome(886 007-1 ME), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H988312"Bronski Beat: Why? 7:45 ext.mix / Cadillac Car, Metronome(882 014-1 ME), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F885912"Brooklyn Bounce: There is Nothing I won't do.OneSide, Epic(674833 6), ,LC, 1999,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H419212"Brooks,Denice: Purple Rain #/ Do Ya Want My Love, Polydor(881 460-1), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H755612"Brooks,Elkie: No More The Fool +2, Mercury(888 430), D, 1986,  p1 p22,00 Euro
X716112"Brooks,Mel: To Be Or Not To Be 1+2, Island(12 IS 158), UK, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C261612"Bros: Cat Among The Pigeons+3, CBS(653166 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F190212"Bros: Chocolate Box(Swing Mix)*3, CBS(655332 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
F190012"Bros: Drop The Boy*2+1, CBS(651360 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
F190112"Bros: Madly In Love*3, CBS(Atom T10), UK, 1990,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
F190312"Bros: Too Much*2+1, CBS(654647 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
H756712"Brown,Alex: (Come On)Shout*2+1, Mercury(880 965-1), D, 1985,  p1 p21,00 Euro
C592512"Brown,Bobby: Good Enough*3, MCA(MCT 30090), NL, 1992,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A559912"Brown,Errol: Body Rockin *2+1, WEA(248 172-0), D, 87,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X911612"Brown,James: Gravity *3 / The Big "G", m-/vg+, ScottiBros(INT 127.312), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X869712"Brown,Miquel: One Way Street+1, Record Shack Records(SOHOT 63), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X366512"Bruce & Bongo: Geil(Der Remix/Remix Dub), Rush Records(608 195-213), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X232012"Bruce & Bongo: Geil(Geilomatick Mix)+1, Rush Records(608 119-213), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y207412"*2Bruda Sven: Ein und Alles*8,f.J-Luv u. X.Naidoo, 3p(3P 667242 6), D, 1999,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
Y256012"BT_: Flaming June*2+2, Perfecto(0630-19972-0), D, 1997,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
Y255912"BT_: Love,Peace and Grease*4, Perfecto(PERF153T), D, 1997,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
H760412"Bucks Fizz: New Beginning(ex)/In your Eyes/I ne, Polydor(885 040-1), D, 1986,  p1 p21,50 Euro
X459112"Bucks Fizz: When We Were Young exClub +2, RCA(PC 68071), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X919912"Bump & Flex: Promises*2, LC, m-/vg+, ffrr, Promo, EU, 2002,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H811012"Bürger Lars Dietrich: Mädchen Millionär*2/Jazzy HipHop, EW(4509-96530-0), D, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H810612"Bürger Lars Dietrich: Sabbel Di (5 Tr.), Nucleus(PM 1236), D, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B895512"Burns Bros.: Katerstrophen *2+5, Illvibe(ILL004-MX), D, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X211612"Byrd,Gary & G.B.Experience: The Crown*2, Motown(120 15 027), D, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X219412"C & C Music Factory: Gonna Make You Sweat *3, CBS(656454 6), NL, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X227312"C & C Music Factory: Just A Touch Of Love *3, Columbia(657524 6), D, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X858912"C&M Production feat.Marcel: True House*4, Kontor(153), D, LC, 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F27512"C-Bank feat.Diamond Eyes: I Won't Stop Loving You*2, Bellaphon(120-07-222), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H845012"C-Block: The Future is so bright*4, Dance Division(DAD 669261 6), EU, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y345512"C.C.R.Crew: Stretchin'The Pieces*2+1, EMI(2 02531 6), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X635712"C.O.D.: Up Hill(peace of mind), Bellaphon(120 19 004), D, 1984,  p1 p26,00 Euro
F545612"Cabavue: Richtig Wichtig,Booklet, sign., Cabavue(Caba 90), D, 1990,  p1 p2
•Ursula Stauch, Michael Götzen, Marius Jung.
10,00 Euro
H764412"Cactus World News: Years Later/Hurry Back/ThirdOneLive, MCA(258 769-0), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y139612"Cafe Creme - Beatles Mix: Citations ininterrompues / Dreaming, Bimbo / Parthe(BLR-5555), F, 1977,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
H765912"Cafferty,John & t.Beaver Brown Band: Tough All Over+1, Bellaphon(120 14 013), D, 1985,  p1 p21,00 Euro
B913512"Caiman Caith: Nagasaki E.P., 10 Tr., Vegaz Records, LC(VR 000), D, 33rpm, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E272112"Cam-Era: Comfort to the moon *6, 33rpm, Sony(669569 6), UK, 2000,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
Y150012"Campbell,Naomi: I Want To Live *5 (mix), Epic(661191 6), NL, 1995,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B462312"Can 7: Windjammer*3, Peppermint Jam Distrib., D, FLC,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y152512"Capaldi,Jim: Something So Strong+2, Island(611 870), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X835612"Capitol K: City, Capitol Beat Sticky µ-zig rmx, XL Rec.(CAPK XL001R), UK, 2001,  p1 p29,00 Euro
Y190312"Cappucino: Eisbär *3 (Til Schweiger-Film), Mercury, D, 1998,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X769412"Captain Rock: The House of Rock*2/You Stink *3, Nia Records(NIA 1251), US, 1985,  p1 p26,50 Euro
C439412"Captain Sky: You Bring Me Up*3, Stripped Horse(6.20732 AE), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F926912"Cara,Irene: The Dream(dance Remix)/Receiving, Epic(A 12.4100), NL, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y170512"Carey,Mariah: Anytime You Need A Friend*4, Columbia(660354 6), NL, 1993,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
Y177012"Carey,Tony: I Feel Good,TATORT Katjas Schweigen, Metronome(889 947-1), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C900012"Carman,Pauli: Dial My Number *3, CBS(A 12.7096), NL, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X78612"Carmen,Eric: I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips*2, Geffen, sp.d.rmx(A12.4956), NL, 1984,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H764812"Carmen,Phil: On My Way In L.A. (exclub)+1, Metronome(881 860-1), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H442112"Cars: Hello Again*3(sp.12" rmx byA.Baker), Elektra(966 929-0), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y105912"Carter,Jackie/ Edmundo / MidnightSp: Paint It Black+1 / Let's Spend..., Big Mouth(66.20201), D, 1978,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B874312"Case: Missing You*4, Def Soul, FLC(DEFR 15174-1), US, Promo, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F552812"Cassandra Complex: Nice Work(metropole+cellph) +2, Play It Again Sam(BIAS 164), NL, 1988,  p1 p27,50 Euro
A70112"Caya: Send me an Angel*3, FLC, Stereophonic(743215578116), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X263512"Centerfold: Radar Love *2 (club/dub), Injection(234.788), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X752612"Centerfold: Up and Coming*2+1, Red Bullet(RB 124), NL, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H976812"Chacko: Once Bitten Twice Shy*3 (ext.rmx), Polydor(885 028-1), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X765912"Chaka Khan: I Feel For You+1, WB(920 249-0), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H764212"Chapman,Roger: How How How / Hold that tide back, Instant(ZC 69104), D, 1984,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X573212"Chapman,Roger: Shadow On The Wall +3,Live Berlin, RCA(PT 40082 AF), D, 1985,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X59112"Charles,Tina: Dance Little Lady+1, Global(609 306), D, 1987,  p1 p2
•Special'87 Remix by SANNY-X
3,00 Euro
X975912"Charnell: Das Ist Echt*3 / Junge*3, FS-New, Eimsbush(EBV0060), D, 2003,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X736912"Cheeks,Judy: Mercy, Ariola(600 312-213), D, 1980,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X8396Do12"Cheeks,Judy: Reach*7,FLC ,Promo, Positiva(12TIVDJ-12/1),  p1 p24,00 Euro
B882712"Cheero-Key: I'm A Raver Baby*3, Clubland(CLR021), D, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C992512"Chemistry: Friends *3, Ohrwurm(OW-030-45), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F986112"Cherry,Neneh: Buffalo Stance*4, Circa(611 923-213), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X968412"Chestnut vs Flowin-Immo: Madshit (Yeah)*7, Overstolz(OV003 23303-6), D, 2002,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y132112"Chicago: You're The Inspiration +2, Full Moon, D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y30212"*2Chicane: Daylight *6, WEA(PRO 4197), EU, Promo, 2003,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X976412"Chicane: Love On The Run*2, Promo, LC, WEA(PRO 3738), D, 2003,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y210812"Chili Hifly: Is It Love? *3, Kontor(40 14235 31504), D, 2000,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
Y29912"China Crisis: King In A CatholicStyle WakeUp *2+1, Virgin(601 764-213), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E398312"China Crisis: Saint Saviour Square*2+1, Virgin(612 080-213), D, 1989,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
H967912"China Crisis: You Did Cut Me*2/Christian LiveVers, Virgin(602 011-213), , 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X216512"Chocolate: Ritmo De La Noche*3, Teldec(9031-71189-0), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F643712"Chocolate: Ritmo De La Noche*3, Remixes, Teldec(9031-71797-0 AE), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H355512"Chocolate f Chico and the Gypsies: Ritmo De La Noche'94 *2+1, EastWest(4509-97247-0), D, 1994,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H606112"Christians: Forgotten Town+2, Island(608 880), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y54812"Christians: Hooverville (And They Promised Us.., Island(609 178), D, m-/vg+, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F371412"Christians: When The Finger Point, Island(609 415), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A995912"Christians: Words+2, Island(612 847), D, 87,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H317412"Christie,Tony: Moonlight and Roses *3, White Records(614 218-213), D, 1991,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B482412"Circuit feat Koffi: Shelter*3, LC, Ariola(612 447-213), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H863012"City: Unter der Haut, lg / Kontra, VG-/m-, Teldec(6.20180 AE), D, badCond, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y325112"City Nord: Zeiten Ändern Sich+2,+3 instrum., Motor, D, LC,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
X947212"*3City Nord: Zeiten Ändern Sich, 33rpm, Motor(587 662-1), D, 2001,  p1 p220,00 Euro
X222912"Claire,Valerie: Shoot me Gino *3, Blow Up(INT 125.542), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H773212"Clark,Petula: Downtown' 88 rmx/original, PRT, D, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H672412"Clarke Band,Stanley: Born In The USA *2/Campo Americano, Epic(A 12.6372), NL, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H672112"Clarke,Stanley & George Duke: Heroes*2, Promo-Stoc, Epic(A-12.3860), NL, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X832812"Claytown Troupe: Real Life. Poster Bag, Island(12IS446), UK, 1989,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X832712"Claytown Troupe: Ways Of Love+2, Island(12 IS 464), UK, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X520212"Clegg,Johnny & Savuka: Take my Heart Away+2, EMI(20 2968 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X851312"Cliff Barnes and the Fear o.Winning: Whole Lotta Love*2+2, Happy Valley(01 323), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y105112"Cliff,Jimmy: Hot Shot *2, +1, CBS(A 12.6370), NL, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H266812"Cliff,Jimmy: Reggae Movement*3+1, CBS(A 12.4649), NL, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X921312"Clifford,Linda: Bridge Over Troubled Water+1, RSO(2141 086), D, 1979,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E211812"Climie,Simon: Does Your Heart Still Breaking*6, Epic(658773 6), UK, 1992,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
X998812"Clinton,George: Paint The White House Black*2+2, NPG Records(0060780NPG), D, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y379912"Clipz: Slippery Slopes / Nasty Breaks, Full Cycle(FCY075), EC, 2005,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
F885712"Clokx: Overdrive, m-/vg+, Gang Go Music(GG087), , 2004,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H961312"Clowns & Helden: Die Wahrheit!?/ Beerdigung, Teldec(6.20754 AE), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X227812"Clubland: Hurley's House Mix, ZYX/BTECH(ZYX 6592-12), D, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X296912"Cochran,Eddie: C'mon Everybody+3, Liberty(20 2356 6), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X59212"Cocker,Joe: Shelter Me+2, Capitol(20 0710 6), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y44412"Codfather / Sie / Naked Funk: Pussy In My Pocket EP, 3Tr., 33rpm, Pussyfoot Rec(Pussy 020), UK, 1997,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X832912"CODX: Getto *4+1, m-/vg+, Sony(RR 006), D, FLC, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y339612"CODX: Von Augen gefolgt/Focus auf Dich, CODX, D, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X524112"Coldcut: Doctorin'the House,Orange Vinyl, Big Life(INT 125.256), D, m-/vg+, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X863612"Cole,Lloyd & Commotions: Brand New Friend(lg) +3, Polydor(883 352-1), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E127612"Cole,Lloyd & Commotions: Cut Me Down*2+1(remix), Polydor(833 703-1), D, 1986,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
C390812"Cole,Lloyd & Commotions: Jennifer She Said+3, stoc, Polydor(887 246-1), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X853912"Cole,Lloyd & Commotions: Rattlesnakes+2, Polydor(881 458-1), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X16112"Cole,Natalie: Everlasting *2 +1, Manhattan(20 2699 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H420512"Cole,Natalie: Pink Cadillac*2(clubvocal+7") +1, EMI(20 2453 6), EEC, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H474512"Cole,Natalie: Wild Woman Do*3(Pretty Woman), EMI(2037966), US, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H266912"Coleman,Richard: Love Is, Getting Stronger*2,greenVi, Teldec(6.20461 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y380112"Colette: What She Will Do for Love *4, OM Record(OM-180VS), US, FS-New, 2005,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
X739612"Collins,Phil: I Wish It Would Rain Down+2, WEA, D, 1990,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X957812"Collusion: Conspiracy*2, Club Culture(8573 89591-0), D, 2001,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X957912"Collusion: Impetuous*2 / In your Face, Club Culture(8573 87514-0), D, 2001,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X965612"Colonel Abrams: Trapped (Next Level Part 2)*3, Deep Culture(PRO 6757), D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X959512"Colonel Abrams: Trapped (Next Level)*4, FLC, Deep Culture(PRO 6750), D, 2002,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X266212"Colourbox: Punch +2, 4AD(BAD 406), UK, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H235612"Commodores: Goin' To The Bank*2/Serious Love, Polydor(885-377-1), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X195312"Communards: Don't Leave Me This Way+1, Metronome(886 077-1), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H164112"Communards: For a Friend +3, Metronome(886 271-1), D, 1988,  p1 p22,00 Euro
X166412"Communards: Never Can Say Goodbye +3, London(886 219-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X527412"Communards: Never Can Say Goodbye*2+1,rmx, London(886 237-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X547112"Communards: So Cold The Night/Multimix+1, Metronome(LON XR 110), UK, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X195412"Communards: Theres More To Love +3, Metronome(INT 886 306-1), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X129012"Communards: Tomorrow*2+1, Metronome(886 192-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H442212"Communards: You Are My World+2, London(886 132-1), D, 1987,  p1 p22,00 Euro
H776612"Communards: You Are My World+2, Metronome(886 000-1ME), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H242812"Communards: You Are My World+2,NY 87 remix, London(LDSX 238), CDN, co, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B98912"Connolly,Kiev & Missing Passengers: Did She Tell You+2, Ariola(601 651-213), D, 85,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H776312"Connoly,Kiev: Take This Chance *2+1, Ariola(601 847-213), D, 1985,  p1 p21,00 Euro
Y376112"Consolidated: This is Fascism*4, m-/vg+, Nettwerk(NET 036), B, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H777712"Constantine,Eddie: Honeymoon Is Over+3,red vinyl, Weserlabel(MS 02421), D,co, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H137512"Coo Coo Cal: My Projects*3+1, FS-New, TommyBoy, US, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H161712"Cookie Crew: Remix, Born this Way*2+1, ffrr,FFRXR 19(886 465-1), UK, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y419912"Cookie Crew: Secrets(of success)*4+1, London(869 539-2), US, 1991,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
X458612"Cool Notes: In Your Car +2, Intercord(INT 125.232), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y266312"Coolio: 1,2,3,4 (Sumpin'New)*3, TommyBoy(0630-14513-0), EU, 1996,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y266712"Coolio: It's All The Way Live(Now)*3+3, TommyBoy(TB 731), CDN, 1996,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
Y266812"Coolio feat.40 Thevz: C U When U Get There*4+2, Tommy Boy(TBV 785), UK, 1997,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
F872612"Cop Shoot Cop: $10 Bill +2, green vinyl, Big Cat(ABB53T), UK, 1993,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y161812"Copeland,Stewart & Derek Holt: Love Lessons*2 / Silent Movie AMY, IRS(IRMT 120), UK, 1986,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
Y152812"Corley,Al: Land Of The Giants *3 / Tell Me, Mercury(872 339-1), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X836212"Cornershop: Lessons Learned From Rocky 1-3*2, Wiiija(Root 22), UK, 2002,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
H779312"Cosso,Pierre: Pioche *3, Polydor(887 696-1), D, 1988,  p1 p21,00 Euro
Y108512"Costello,Elvis: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood+2, F-Beat(ZT 40556), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y55112"Costello,Elvis & Attractions: Everyday I Write The Book+2, RCA(PC 61238), F, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H779612"Couchpotatoes: Cool Ride+2, FS-New, Le Maquis(AD 035), F, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X848112"Cox,Carl: F.A.C.T. 2 Mix Sampler, one-sided, Ultimatum(Fact2), LC, 1997,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
Y376612"Cox,Carl: That's the Bass, with Norman Cook, 23RD Century Rec.(499.3017.130), , 2006,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
X225512"Cozmozone introd.Beverlee: The Atmosfear*2 / Hurricane, Dance Street(DST 1009-12),  p1 p24,00 Euro
B952312"Craig,Robbie & Gerideau: Who's The Better Man?*3, London(8573 86154 0), D, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X590012"Crazy Baby Doc: Blessed Are Who've Got A Poor Brain, Staccato Music,5Tr.(85-757), D, vg+/m-, 1987,  p1 p26,00 Euro
Y101312"Crazy Joe & Variable Speed Band: Eugene / Buzz Me, Casablanca(6180 017), D, 1980,  p1 p26,00 Euro
Y382112"Crazy P: Lady T *2+2, 33rpm, Shiva Rec.(SHIVAT008), UK, 2005,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X965512"Creaming Jesus: Bark, 4 Tr., Jungle Records(JUNG 53T), UK, 1990,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X32912"Credit To The Nation: Pay The Price/Stop fooling around+1, Agit-Prop(02-17568), F, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y324512"Crosby,Bing: White Christmas (1970) +3, MCA(257 325-0 LB), D, 1989,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
Y392112"Cuban Brothers: A Million Storie*4, Sunday Best(sbest32), UK, 2006,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
F879412"*2Culture Beat: Insanity (mixes by KayCee/Tom Novy), Abfahrt Rec.(ABF2002), D,m-/vg+, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E258512"Culture Club: Church Of The Poison Mind+2, Virgin(VS 571-12), UK,m-/vg+, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E143212"Culture Club: God Thank You Woman+1, co, Virgin(608 211-213), D, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X739712"Culture Club: Move Away+1, Virgin(608 046-213), D, 1986,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H783312"Culture Club: The War Song*2+1, dance mix, Virgin(601 528-213), D, 1984,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A358P12"Curotiba: Lambada+1, NTI(1 Pic 01), F, 89,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H782312"Cussick,Ian: We Can Work It Out/Finale, SPV(01-8812), D, 1988,  p1 p21,00 Euro
Y420012"Customizers: When I get Stoned*3, EW(8573-88115-0), D, 2001,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
F774812"Cutting Crew: I've Been In Life Before*2+1, co, Virgin(608 628-213), D, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X634312"Cymone,Andre: A.C., m-/vg+, CBS(26597), NL, 1983,  p1 p27,50 Euro
H267012"Cymone,Andre: Make me wanna dance*2, CBS(A 12.3818), NL, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X957612"Cyro Culture: Trancefusion*3+1,FLC, Club Culture(8573 83766-0), D, m-/vg+, 2000,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X822512"Czech: Boxy Rhodes*2+1, Stereo Deluxe, D, 1997,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X982412"Czech: I Do Belive, 33rpm, Virgin(8 93464 6), NL, 1996,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H355112"D'Agostino,Gigi: Gigi's Violin/Elektro Message, Vendetta(VENMX-35), E,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H783412"D'Arby,Terence Trent: Dance Little Sister/Sunday Jam, CBS(651111 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H782412"D'Arby,Terence Trent: Do You Love Me Like You Say ?, Columb., NL M-VG+,  p1 p21,00 Euro
F699112"D-Mention: Mind Diver*2+1, FLC, Deep Blue(DBR015-6), D, 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X219312"D-MOB: That's the way of the world*2, ffrr(886 947-1), , 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X790712"D-Parture: Heartbeat tech house / hip hop mx, DancePool(656 793 6), NL, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B945512"D.H.T.: Alone 2002*4, LC, Alphabet City(PRO 6874), D, 2002,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X528712"D.J.Lelewel: House Machine*2+3, m-/vg+, Mem Records(MEMIX 066), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F677612"D.J.Stevie B.: MegaRush pt1+2,Lim.Ed.Mix for D.J's, BCM(B.C.12-2054-40), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H357012"D.J.Zki: Phroll-lick / Trashean, LC, m-/vg+, Pssst Music(pssst 9505), NL, 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F873412"DA Posse: To win your love*2+3, vg+/m-, RoughTrade(LICT 038), UK, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B943812"DaBuzz: Alive*2, Promo,LC, Bonnier Music, S, 2003,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y159512"Daintees: Trouble Town+2, Kitchenware Records(SKX13), UK, 1984,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
Y130712"Dalbello: Animal*2 / Cardinal Sin ext.vers., Capitol(20 0470 6), EEC, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H163112"Dalbello: Tango*3(dance+single+dub), Capitol(20 2159 6), EEC, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X975312"Dalek,Corvin: Pounds & Penz *2, MFS / Flash, D, Promo, 2001,  p1 p26,00 Euro
E494012"Daltrey,Roger: After The Fire+2, 10 Rec.(602 027-213), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H783112"Daltrey,Roger: The Pride You Hide+2, Virgin(608 262-213), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y107512"Daltrey,Roger: Under A Raging Moon*2+1, 10 Virgin(608 017-213), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y386912"*2Damian Lazarus: Bugged Out Presents Suck My Deck, Resist Music(RESISTLP50), UK, 2005,  p1 p29,00 Euro
X633912"Damm,Estrella: Belgian Porno Queen / Er singt, Low Spirit(7432172633 1), EU,  p1 p26,00 Euro
B951612"Danacee: Spotlight*4, Promo, FLC, Def Jam, D, 2002,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H231912"Danzer,Georg + Band: Ihr Seid Alle So Normal / Sonntag, Polydor(881 960), D, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X958212"Darey's Mash Up, Matt f. M.Woods: Beautiful*4, Club Culture(8573 84640-0), D, 2001,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y250112"Data Bandit: The Mack Remixes, 4 Tr., Henry Rec. LC, D, 1999,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E371812"David & David: Swallowed By The Cracks+2, AM(392 159-1), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X835912"David J: Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Gosh, Glass(Glass 12042), UK,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X224512"Davis,Carole: It's in my Genes *5+1, LC, WB(0-21218), US, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E782012"Davis,John: Who Do You Love Me*2+1, IMP(873 455-1), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B585712"Davis,John & the Monster Orchestra: Feel the Love Magic*2, Hansa, D, 1991,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y34512"Dax,Danielle: Where The Flies Are+2, Awesome Records(AOR 6T), UK, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X750112"DaYeene: Big Bad World*4+2, SweMix Records(SWE T 21), S, 1990,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X750612"DaYeene: We're On The Case, SweMix Records(RRT-15), S, 1989,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y153512"Dayne,Taylor: I'll Always Love You / Prove y.Love, Arista(611 536), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H509512"Dayne,Taylor: Tell It To My Heart*3-House ofHeart, Arista(609 777), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X967112"DCS - die Coolen Säue: Ohne Ende*2+5, Deck 8(51072-5), D, 2000,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X262112"De Barge,Chico: Talk to me *2+1, Motown(ZT 40888), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H816912"De Bläck Fööss: Bye Bye My Love, EMI(14 7112 6), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H815612"De Bläck Fööss & Fründe: Stellt Üch Vüür(Imagine)+3, Live, EMI(14 7450 6), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H236112"De Burgh,Chris: Say Goodbye All/LastNight/Ship, AM(392 131-1), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y379212"de Crecy,Etienne: Commercial EP1,Fuck/Suck/Luck, Different/Disques Solid(DIFB 1061T), , 2006,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
H356412"De Ric De: I'd like to know why+1, !Hype(M 526), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H785812"De Ville,Marc: Don't Smile+1, Lim.Ed, Metronome(0900.147), D, 1979,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H785712"De Ville,Willy: Assassin of love*2/span.Stroll,live, Polydor(877 312-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F366912"De Vito,Rick: Satisfaction+1, Transparent(609 275-213), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X964512"De-Javu: I Can't Stop*4, WEA(8573887700), D, 2001,  p1 p26,00 Euro
H164212"Deacon Blue: Real Gone Kid *2/Little Lincoln, CBS(653035 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A391712"Dead Or Alive: Lover Come Back To Me*2+1, Epic(A 12.6086), NL, 85,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X235712"Dean,Hazel: Searchin'*2, Special Remix 8:15, Bellaphon(120-07-059), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X637212"Dean,Hazel: Whatever I Do *2, dub, Proto(120 07 105), D, 1984,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H424212"Dean,Hazel: Who's leaving who*2, remix, EMI(202573 6), D, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
Y15312"Death Before Disco / Scubadevils: Ministry / Celestrial Symphony mx, Novamute(P 12 NoMu 20), UK,Promo, 1993,  p1 p27,50 Euro
E646612"Dee C.Lee: See the day+3, CBS(A 12.6570), NL, 1985,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
Y14612"Dee-Lay: Your Love*3, Pulp(577 279-1), D, 1995,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y196412"Defintion Of Sound: Pass The Vibes *3 - Freshers Mixes, Fontana(DSDJJ2), UK, 1995,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
X961112"Defisis: Inside Knowing*3 / Get it up *4, S.W.A.M.P.(SWAMP°2), D, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X750512"Del': Always On My Mind*3, Fat Records & Tapes(FAT 1204), S, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y381612"Deladab: Jeg Tan*2 / Zsa Manca*2, Chat Chapeau Promo(CCR001-6), , 2005,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X855112"Delirium: Waveblower+2, Delirium(Delirium 24), D, 1995,  p1 p26,00 Euro
Y378712"Delon & Dalcan: Friends+2, Boxer Sport(Boxer 027), D, 2005,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X967012"Department ,Das: Heimaudioattacke, 4 Tr.,LC, P-Pack Rec(PPR001), D, 1999,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X841312"Depth Charge: Bounty Killers, Vinyl Solution(Storm 13), UK, 1989,  p1 p26,00 Euro
Y353212"der Klan: Gaila Sount/Vastärkung, 6 Tr., Put A Needle To Da Recor(PDNTDR 10153), D, 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H817512"Der Reigen: Die Liebe ist e.seltsames Spiel*2+1, Virgin(614 429), , 1991,  p1 p22,50 Euro
Y131112"Der Wilde Fritz: Ist Das Deutsch *2+1 - mix, Blue Turtle(50-3538), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y27212"Desire: This Dub Is Mine *4, BMG(103 DM614 306), D, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H784012"Deskee: Dance,Dance *3 radio/dub, Black Out(OUT 011), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X833012"Detrimental: Babylon*2 / Detrimental*2, m-/vg+, Cooking Vinyl(DEBT 001), UK, 1994,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y379312"Diamond,Benjamin: Let'z get High *3, K7(7176EP), F, 2005,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H794712"Dicken: It's All Over/High Places, Toledo,multiColVinyl(INT 127.505), D, 1984,  p1 p22,00 Euro
Y254412"Dickey,Gwen: Carwash*3+1, Victory Rec./PolyGram(855 049-1), F, 1993,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y164012"Died Pretty: Whitlam Square+2, BBQ(BEG 238 T), UK, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X977712"Digga & Style: 4.19, 4.19 Productions, D, 2003,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X975112"Digger Dance: Digg It*4+3, Eimsbush(EBV 004), D, 1999,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X893912"Dillinger: Tribal War / War Dubbing, 10 Virgin(TEN 11-12), UK, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y377612"Dimlite: In Groups to the Hydrandd+1, FS-New, Sonar Kollektiv(SK059), D, 33rpm, 2005,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
X637512"Dion: Golden Oldies,Wanderer+3,Musterpl., RCA(PC 60038), D, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X230212"Disc Bleu: I've got your number+1, MCA(259 664-0), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X732812"Divine: Love Reaction*2, SOS Recordings(SOSM1176), , 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X102512"Divinyls: Pleasure & Pain*2+1, Chrysalis(607 969-213), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H845312"DJ Ablaze: Based on Acid 2000,3Tr, FLC, Upbeat Rec.(UPLTD 007), , 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X969412"DJ Arne L II pres. Divino: Propper to Men *4, Deep Mission(DMT 05), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B877712"DJ Dave: Stand By Me*2+1, FLC, EW / Storm Records(5050466-2372-0), D, 2002,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X963712"DJ Digress: The Frequency*2+2, Mental Madness(MMR009-PRO), D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E666512"DJ Fast Eddie: Hip House*3+1, Dj Intern.(DJINT 5), UK, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y381712"DJ Format: Seperated at Birth, 4Tr. 33rpm, Genuine(GEN 038T), UK, 2005,  p1 p26,00 Euro
Y379612"DJ Format feat. Abdominal: Rap Machine, one-sided, Genuine(GEN 034T), UK, 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B908012"DJ Hasebe: Hey World EP, 4 Tr.,Promo, WEA(PR 6741), D, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X861612"Dj Hitch Hiker: Show Me Heaven, Rotor Drehscheibe(Edition 01), D, FLC, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A105112"DJ Laz: Bounce To This, 6Tr., EW(0927-41488-0), D, 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X972612"DJ Mirko Milano: Stop & Go*2 remixes, Club Culture(DM 21), D, 2001,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X976512"DJ Proper & The Grand Lordmaster: Uber Thugs EP,6 Tr., FLC, EvilGenius(evil002), EU, 2002,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y169112"DJ Q: Delirious+2, 7494 EP, Filter Comm(7494 EP), D, 1997,  p1 p2 p37,50 Euro
X970512"DJ Shah feat. No Iron: Tides Of Time*2, Club Culture(8573 88593-0), D, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X962212"DJ Shog: This Is My Sound*3, Promo,FLC, Logport(LOG 2007), D,33/45rpm,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F698912"DJ Swam: The Spiritchaser, 4 Tr., UN Sub(USM 041-6), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y202212"DJ Thomilla: Schnapsidee*5+1, Benztown(0104950BTN), D, 1999,  p1 p2 p37,50 Euro
Y221312"gxDJ Thomilla: Wenn der Beat flippt *4, Benztown(0103290BTN), D, 1999,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
X172912"DJ Todde's - Caba Kroll pres.: Hey Everybody+3, Kontor(036), D, 1999,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F740612"DJ Tomekk feat Lil'Kim...: Kimnotyze*5+2, BMG, EU, 2002,  p1 p22,00 Euro
Y353312"DJ Tomekk feat.GZA,Curse,Prodigal S: Ich Lebe Für Hip Hop*5, Fila Records/BMG(771801), D, 2000,  p1 p2 p37,50 Euro
X633412"DJ Uptide: Vitamin EP, m-/vg+, Uptide Rec(UPT 10), D, 1997,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y134312"Djum Djum: Difference, cake/ streng mix, Outer Rhythm(150 1115-0), D, 1990,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X967712"*2Dlugosch,Boris with R.Murphy: Never Enough*6, LC, Peppermint-Jam(PR006), D,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y157612"Doc Muffin: Ke Cha Cha *2 (mix), Underground Music Dep.(UMD 228), I, 1995,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
X970112"Docking Station: Calling Mars*4, Club Culture(0927 42685-0), D, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H796412"Doctor & the Medics: Waterloo+3, with Roy Wood, IRS(650227 6), NL, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X919112"Doctor Ice: Sue Me! / Sued! / Word up Doc !, Jive(ZT43278), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y381412"Dodd,Vicky: Did you here me? *4 , FS-New, Naive(NV 45762), F, 2003,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
Y172912"Dolbie D: Acid Mania*2 (Dolbie D / instr.), Desire(WANTX 14), UK, 1988,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
H795912"Dolby,Thomas: Quantum Mechanic/Neo/Armageddon, Giant, LC(74321 25456 1), EC,Promo, 1994,  p1 p26,00 Euro
F428812"Dollar Brand: Black Lightning, Rare Bid(BIM 0001), D,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X963612"Donna: Everybody*3+1, Deep Culture, D, 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y190212"Dope Fiend: Eleven Lemons+2, Downbeat / WEA(398422298-0), D, FLC, 1998,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X170612"Dorau,Andreas - remix: Oliver Lieb... Lisa Gold, 4Tr., Urban(0422 853 541-1), D, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C969712"Dorff,Joe: Just Say No*3, Kriwet Records(191288), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H240012"Dorothy: Still Waiting / Frog Prince, Chrysalis(611 684), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X693512"Dostal,Nico: Sonderpressung,85 Geburtstag, UFA Super Sound EP(507), D,m-/VG-, 1980,  p1 p2 p312,50 Euro
Y13312"Double Pac: Gotta Little Something*4, 360' Records(INT 125.075), D, 1996,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X938312"Double Pac: Kidnapping *4 / Qu Une Vie *3, Kopfnicker Records(KNR 011), D, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X946612"Double Pac & Spax-Outsidaz: Tefla & Jaleel-Grenzen, 6Tr., Kopfnicker(KNR 012), D, FS-New, 2001,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y91412"Double Trouble & Rebel M.C.: Street Tuff*3, Metronome(873 233), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F733712"Douglas,Carl: Captain Lee(Cha Bum Chi)+1, Taurus Bulba(DCL 1087), UK,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y75612"Downing,Will: A Love Supreme*3, Island(609 853), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H797912"Dr.Baker: Reality, 6 Mixes, Coma Records(COMA 127007), D, 1990,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H799312"Dr.Hook: Better Love Next Time +1, Capitol(052-86 023), D, 1979,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X132812"Dr.Hook: Clyde+1/When You're..., m-/vg+, Capitol(052-85 907), D, 1979,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H799412"Dr.Hook: In Over My Head/I don'f feel..., Capitol(052-86 196), D, 1979,  p1 p22,50 Euro
Y99112"Dreamgrinder: Deeps And Shallows *2+2, Product In(INC X004), UK, 1990,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y14812"Dreamland: Mi Buenos Aires Querido*2 / U + Me, Playground(PG 004), D, 1995,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X890912"Drews,Jürgen: Irgendwann,Irgendwo +1, Medley, Polydor(889 141-1), D, woc, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C842512"Drive: Beat Your Body*2+1, Polydor(883 463-1), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B456512"DSM feat.Dancing Danny D.: Destiny*3, Streetheat(STH 543), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X954512"Duke: Is Thunder / Love Vibrations (Soca), Hot Vinyl(HVT 43), US,  p1 p26,00 Euro
H845212"DuMonde: Just Feel Free*3, Stereophonic/BMG(025), D, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y386412"Duplaix,Vikter: Stimulation EP, 5Tr., bbe(bbe 12036 EP), UK, 2006,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X549112"Dury,Ian & Blockheads: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick+1, Stiff(6.20009 AE), D, 1979,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X619212"Duval,Frank: Give Me Your Love+1, Teldec(6.20233 AE), D, 1983,  p1 p2
•Titelmelodie TV-Serie:Unsere Schönsten Jahre
3,00 Euro
Y345412"Dux Dux: This Is A Sound*3 (Acid), EMI(2 03223 6), D, 1988,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
Y204612"Dylans: Godlike+2, Situation(SIT 75T), UK, 1991,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
E847312"E-40: Automatic*3+3, Jive, US, 2002,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H999312"E-Motion: The Naughty North & SexySouth,mk-mx, MCA(WMCST 40076), UK,Promo, 1996,  p1 p21,00 Euro
X220412"Earons: Land of Hunger*3(dub/edit), Island(601 273-213), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y13812"Earth Nation: Fallin Tears*2, Eye-Q(4509 98021-0), D, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y71112"Earth,Wind & Fire: Elevated *4, Sanctuary Urban(SURDJ-85646), US, Promo, 2005,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X932512"Earth,Wind & Fire: Sunday Morning *2 / The L World, LC, Reprise(PRO825), D, Promo, 1993,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C979612"Earth,Wind & Fire: Touch The World+2, f.MC Hammer, CBS(656132 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C979912"Earth,Wind & Fire: Touch The World, special 3Track, CBS(653048 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E862612"Easton,Sheena: Do It For Love*2+1, EMI(20 0909 6), D, 1985,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
A521512"Easton,Sheena: Giving up Giving in*4, Promo, Universal, EU, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y140112"Easton,Sheena: The Lover In Me *3, MCA(257 742-0), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X405312"Eastwood,Clint & General Saint: Stop That Train, sp.rmx/Monkey Man, Greensleeves Rec.(120 07 057), D, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y419812"Easy Business: Asftscscsttloert, EP, vg+/m-, Container Records(CR 07), D, 1992,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
H173512"EAV: An der Copacabana/Küss,dieHand ÖSV, EMI(1 33430 6), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H174012"EAV: Küss die Hand schöne Frau/Spitalo.., EMI(133425 6), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X531712"EBN-ÖZN: AEIOU-Sometimes Y *2, Arista(601 007-213), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X963112"Echoes Of Sound: Need Sombody(Who Needs Me)*4, Club Culture(5050466-1090-02), D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X956812"Eddy and the Soulband: Theme From Shaft *2, Polydor(880-089-1), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X964212"*2Edlim: Special Things*6, Club Culture(PRO 6629), D, 2001,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X637312"Edwards,Alton: Everybody's watching, Street Wave(MKHAN 5), UK, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A261612"Eight Wonder: When The Phone Stops Ringing*2+1, CBS(CBS 650522 6), NL, 87,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X846112"Einzelgänger: Panamericana*2, Spectrum Works(SPEWO 2), D, 1999,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y410112"Elastique Culture: Voices*4, EW/Fuel(FUEL 17), D, 1999,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
Y239912"Electribe 101: Tell me when the Fever ended*3, Phonogram(MERXR 310), D, 1989,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
X179912"Electric Moccasins OfDoom/T.LoveLee: The Neighbours/Off-Licence Tear..., Tummy Touch Rec.(TUCH 119), UK, LC, 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y200812"Electronicas: Dance Little Bird+1, Philips(6435 137), D, 1981,  p1 p23,00 Euro
Y382512"Electrosacher: Evenings*3+1 EP, m /vg+, Ohm Rec.(OHM 001), I, 2003,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
Y46212"Elektrochemie LK: Sweet Darling*4, East West(5050466-8187-06), D, 2003,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X959412"Elektrostar: Tides Of Memories*3 (Remixe), FLC, Deep Culture(0927 40776-0), D, 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X959312"Elektrostar: Tides Of Memories*3, FLC, Deep Culture(0927 40334-0), D, 2001,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y411912"*2Elevatorman: Funk & Drive *4, The Mixes, Wired Recordings(ELEVATOR 1), UK, 1994,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
Y382212"Ellen Allien: Down*3 rmxs, LC, Part 3, Bpitch Control(BPC 116), EU, 2005,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
Y378512"Ellen Allien: Magma*3, Modeselektor rmx, Bpitch Control(BPC105), EU, 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y392912"Ellen Allien: Your Body is my Body*3 RMX, Bpitch Control(BPC113), EU, m/vg+, 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y385312"Ellen Allien & Apparat: Turbo Dreams, Bpitch Control(BCP124), EU, LC, 2006,  p1 p26,00 Euro
Y393312"Ellen Allien & Apparat: Way Out*2 / Rotary / Sleepless rmx, Bpitch Control(BPC129), EU, LC, 2006,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
X548212"Eloy: Time To Turn/Thought a somber galax, Harvest(K052-46 583 Z), D, m-/VG-, 1982,  p1 p29,00 Euro
C220712"EMEL: Sunshine*4, Expressive, FLC(74321 39984-1), EC, Promo,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X893012"EMF: It's You *3 (crash burn, beatnic), Parlophone, LC(12RDJ 6327), UK, Promo, 1992,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F311312"EMF: Lies*3 (Megastress Mix), Promo, EMI(SPRO #04774), US,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X755512"Emma: Don't Make Me Choose*2+1, m-/vg+, BMG(emmat2), UK, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E402212"En Vogue: Whatever*5, EW(7559-63642-0), D, 1997,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
X970012"*2Enemy Mine: Know Your Enemy*4, LC, Club Culture, D, 2001,  p1 p26,00 Euro
H850412"Engelbert: Follow My Heartbeat*2, Arista(601 932), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
Y134612"Enigma: I Love Music, 2*20 Tr. Mix, Creole(6.20095 AE), D, 1981,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
Y416312"Erasure: Drama!, Sire(9 21356-0), US, 1989,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
X751312"Eric B. & Rakim: Paid In Full, Island(12 BRX 78), D, 1987,  p1 p27,50 Euro
F21812"Eroc: Vogelfrei / Zimperlein, m-/vg+, Brain(0930.044), D, 1981,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X335112"Eruption: Joy To The World / Time, Jupiter(6.20156 AE), D,  p1 p22,50 Euro
Y250212"Escape: Magma*2, Urban Tracks, D, LC, 1998,  p1 p25,00 Euro
A433812"Escape Club: Call It Poison, WEA, D, 91,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X958912"Esposito,Tony: Kalimba De Luna (Remixe)*3, Deep Culture(8573 89169-0), D, 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C980412"Estefan,Gloria: Cuts Both Ways+3, Epic(655982 6), NL, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X418512"Estefan,Gloria: Don't Wanna Lose You+2, Epic(655054 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
Y138612"Estefan,Gloria: Nayib's Song+1+Medley (Live), Epic(657273 6), NL, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E468812"Estefan,Gloria & Miami Sound Machin: Betcha Say That*2, Epic(651125 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E464812"Estefan,Gloria & Miami Sound Machin: Can't Stay Away From You+2, Epic(651444 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H820412"Eternal: Angel of Mine*2/Dreams, Promo, EMI(12EMDJ 493), D, 1997,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X994312"Etheridge,Melissa: 2001 +2 live, Island(74321 10123 1), D, 1992,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y75412"Eurythmics: Beethoven*2 / Heaven, RCA(PT41572), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X6573P12"Eurythmics: Don't Ask Me Why+2 Picture, BMG(DA P 19), UK, 1989,  p1 p212,50 Euro
X1621P12"Eurythmics: Don't Ask Me Why+2 Picture, BMG(DA P 19), UK, 1989,  p1 p29,00 Euro
Y117612"Eurythmics: It's Alright+2, RCA(PT 40376), D, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X171612"Eurythmics: Shame *2/ I've Got A Lover, RCA(PT 41688), D, 1987,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X840312"Eurythmics: When Tomorrow Comes*2+1, RCA(PT 40764), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y346712"Eurythmics: Who's That Girl+2, RCA(PC 68076), D, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X980012"Evans,Faith / Ja Rule: Good Life*3 / Furious *3, FLC, Def Jam(DEFR 15295-1), US, Promo, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y304412"Everly Brothers: Devoted To You +3, Live'83, Impression(IMST I), UK, 1983,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
A479312"Everything But The Girl: Take Me*2+1, WEA(9031-71353-0), D, 90,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H876612"Evolution: Summer in the City*2,yellow vinyl, EMI(12 EMI 2849), UK, m-/vg+, 1978,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X972112"Executive Slacks: Rock'n'Roll remix / The Bus, Play it ag(BIAS 35), B, 1986,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X150812"Exploited: Jesus is Dead +3, m-/vg+, Rough Justice(12 KORE 102), F, 1986,  p1 p222,50 Euro
Y112112"Explorers: Falling For Nightlife+1, Virgin(301 603), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H421112"Extravaganza: Boys Do The Boogie*3, red vinyl, Bellaphon/Independent(120 07 309), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y331112"Extreme Fundamentalists: Bet U Got a Gun*3 / 50 Bag, 2Chilled Rec.(2CHILL001-1), EU, 2004,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X299812"Eyes on Fire: Mama don't know/Jumping Jack, CBS, Lim.Ed.(CBS 12 7143), NL, 1979,  p1 p24,00 Euro

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