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Nr.TypInterpret:Titel, Label(Nr), Land, Ej, Infobild p1 p2...Preis
T865P7"A Flock of Seagulls: Space Age Love Song / Windows, Jive(P17), D, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X5090PosterAC/DC: Musik Joker - Poster, Rolling Stone,  p110,00 Euro
Y672P12"Action Mixes: The Complete Action Mixes,pic.disc, BCM(B.C.33-2088-45), D,  p1 p212,50 Euro
97392CDgxÄrzte: Runter mit den Spendierhosen,.., HotA.(549 252-2), D, 00,  p1 p214,00 Euro
90165CDgxAstley,Rick: Body & Soul, Promo - gx, m-/vg+, RCA(RA 0001), D, 1993,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H5136LPgxBAP: Ahl Männer,Aalglatt, Foc + Sticker, EMI(14 7134 1), D, 1986,  p1 p26,50 Euro
82074CDgxBartos,Karl: Communication, Digi gx, Home Rec., , 2003,  p1 p2 p324,00 Euro
H1645P12"Beat Pirate: Are You On 1 Matey*4, picture disc, BCM(18142), D,  p1 p210,00 Euro
X5681POSTERBoney M.: Boonoonoonoos ONLYPoster, Hansa(203 888/97018), D,  p1 p22,50 Euro
96471CDgxCarreras/Pavarotti - Ameropa: Die Weihnachts-CD,6Tr., Shape, Multimedia(T-1467), D, 1997,  p1 p2 p310,00 Euro
97454ShapeCherry Coke: No Hagas el Indio,Haz el Cherokee*5, Pikosso(743 213 093 82), D, 1995,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H9852LPgxColtrane,Chi: The Message, Teldec(6.26311 AP), D, 1986,  p1 p25,50 Euro
X6713LPgxCooper,Alice: From The Inside, vg+/VG+, Warner(WB 56577U/BSK32), D / US, 1978,  p1 p29,00 Euro
Y4262PLPCure: Interview Disc, Lim.Ed, Baktabak(BAK 2011), UK, 1987,  p1 p27,50 Euro
A358P12"Curotiba: Lambada+1, NTI(1 Pic 01), F, 89,  p1 p24,00 Euro
84235CDgxDevine,Richard: Lipswitch, Digi, Warp, UK,  p1 p210,00 Euro
H2766PLPEddy,Duane: Greatest Hits,Pc Disc , vg+/vg+, PicDisc(WR 30108), NL, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X8182LPgxEmerson Lake & Palmer: Brian Salad Surgery, Booklet, stoc, Manticore(87 302 XOT), D,  p1 p2 p314,00 Euro
X1621P12"Eurythmics: Don't Ask Me Why+2 Picture, BMG(DA P 19), UK, 1989,  p1 p29,00 Euro
X6573P12"Eurythmics: Don't Ask Me Why+2 Picture, BMG(DA P 19), UK, 1989,  p1 p212,50 Euro
50703CDgxFake Problems: How Far Our Bodies Go, vg+/m-, Gunner Records(ACT020CD), US,  p1 p2 p310,00 Euro
X1907PLPFame - Kids From Fame: From NBC-TV Series,Lim.Ed., RCA(PD-1983), NL,m-/vg+, 1982,  p1 p25,00 Euro
T390P7"Foreigner: Blue Morning Blue Day, Atlantic(K 11236), UK, 1978,  p1 p25,00 Euro
83564CDgxGlassjaw: Worship And Tribute, Warner, D, 2002,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X522P12"Godhead: There You Go/the Answer+2, Marlboro Music, Picture 12, 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y452PLPGrönemeyer,Herbert: "Ö", Picture Disc, Lim.Ed., EMI(7 90070 0), D, 1988,  p1 p2 p312,50 Euro
H6058LPgxGuess Who: Power In The Music, RCA(APL1-0995), US, Co, 1975,  p1 p26,50 Euro
Y2107LPgxHallyday,Johnny: Je T'Aime, Je't Aime, Je T'Aime,Foc, Philips(9101 002), F, m-/vg+, 1974,  p1 p2 p3 p46,00 Euro
Y4510LPgxHooper,Stix: The World Within, Foc, stoc, m /vg+, MCA(MCA-3180), US, co, 1979,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
H4425PLPHorne,Jimmy Bo: T.K.Mixes, Streetheat(STH 5002), D,  p1 p215,00 Euro
X808PLPHSV Hit Ball: Showaddywaddy...S.Hallberg, 12 Tr., Kl.Böhnke(PD 150283), D,FS-NEW, 1983,  p1 p2 p325,00 Euro
S9251P7"Inki: Some Day*2 Picture, Promo, EMI(006-77038 z), UK, 1979,  p1 p23,00 Euro
99406CDgxIron Maiden: Virtual, XI-LimEd. Holo, EMI, EU, 1998,  p1 p214,00 Euro
H9551P12"Jackson,Janet: Whoops Now,What'll do*2+1, Virgin(VSTY 1533), UK, vg+/m-, 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X2857LPgxKarthago: Rock'n Roll Testament'75,Foc,FS-New, Long Hair(LHC 117), D, 2012,  p1 p225,00 Euro
X2853LPgxKarthago: Rock'n Roll Testament'75,Foc,m /vg+, Long Hair(LHC00117), D, 2012,  p1 p217,50 Euro
92210CDgxKiss: Psycho Circus, Holo Cover, Mercury(538 137-2), , 1998,  p1 p210,00 Euro
83585CDgxKJU:: Draw Lines On, Swell Cree, D, 2002,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y1406PLPLake: Paradise Island, FS-New, CBS(P 83480), D, 1979,  p1 p29,00 Euro
H926PosterLes Humphries Singers: Old Man Moses, Decca(SLK 16 751-P), D,  p13,00 Euro
Y1407PLPLiberace: A Legendary Performer, PD(33-71), DK, 1982,  p1 p26,00 Euro
H1400PosterLindenberg,Udo & Panik Orch.: Same, , D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F8163LPgxLindenberg,Udo & Panik Orch.: Sister King Kong, Foc*2, Telefunken(6.22609 AS), D, 1976,  p1 p2 p39,00 Euro
T877P7"Liner: You and Me+Ship on the Ocean,vg+, Atlantic(K 11285 P), UK, 1979,  p1 p22,00 Euro
X6010PosterLoriot: Peter und der Wolf-Plakat Orchester, Sauerländer, I/CH, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X952PosterMaffay,Peter: Sonne in der Nacht,Tournee-Poster86, Teldec(6.26200 AS), D, 1985,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
H3191LPgxMathieu,Mireille: MM, Foc², Ariola(87 275 IT), D,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
X4871PosterMathieu,Mireille: Und Der Wind wird ewig Singen, Ariola,ONLY POSTER, D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X4068PosterMc Cartney,Paul & Wings: Band On The Run- ! Only Poster !, EMI(1 C 062-05503), D, 1973,  p1 p23,00 Euro
S8392P7"Meat Loaf: Dead Ringer For Love/MoreThanYou..., Epic(EPC A 11-1697), UK,Picture, 1981,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X1890PLPMotörhead: Live 1983-Picture-Lim.Ed.No.1702, Castle(STR PD 008), NL, vg+/m-, 1991,  p1 p250,00 Euro
H1647P12"Mr.Matey: Acid Party*2+1,Pictute Disc, Flim Flam(FFR 1205), D, 1989,  p1 p220,00 Euro
X5506PLPMüller,Werner und sein Orchester: Glen Miller große Erfolge, Extra Records/et Cetera(66.23000-01), D, 1983,  p1 p2 p3
•Robert Malchereck, Finanz und Anlageberatung
5,00 Euro
X9802P12"Natalie: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes*2, WEA, D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y1554P12"Natasha: Iko-Iko+2, Picture Disc, Towerbell(TOWX 122), US, 1982,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H2918PLPNico & die Studiker: Same, PictureDisc, (PD 33-719), D,  p1 p29,00 Euro
Y1400P12"No Dice: Come Dancing / Bad Boys, EMI(PIC 7), F, 1979,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y2172ShapeNuman,Gary: Radio Heart(7"), Catrine(GFMG 109), UK, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X2673LPgxO'Sullivan,Gilbert: A Stranger In My Own Back Yard,Foc, MAM(MAM-10), US, 1974,  p1 p26,00 Euro
96510ShapeObsessions: I Love To Love*3, Pikosso(PR 0010), EU, 1995,  p1 p23,00 Euro
93224CDgxPet Shop Boys: Very , "original case", Parloph., NL, 1993,  p1 p210,00 Euro
H317LPgxPresley,Elvis: 64 Film Hits, metal tin, No Vinyl, RCA(NL89797(4)), Lim.Ed,vg+, 1985,  p1 p2 p310,00 Euro
H9554PosterPresley,Elvis: Love Me Tender-Poster from,No LP, Ariola(303 150), D, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X6888ShapeQuireboys: I Don't Love You Anymore+1(7"), Parlophone(RPD 6248), UK, 1990,  p1 p26,00 Euro
91299CDgxR.E.M.: Automatic For The People,Box, REM/Athens(1 45055-2), US, 1992,  p1 p220,00 Euro
91298CDgxR.E.M.: Out of Time + 10 Postcard Set, Atens LTD, UK, 1991,  p1 p2 p312,50 Euro
H5576LPgxRamazzotti,Eros: Musica E-empty round tin can-TinCan, DDD, I,  p1 p212,50 Euro
95211ShapeRas Abraham & Irie Vibes: Smaddy Pickiney*4, Pikosso, EU, 1996,  p1 p24,00 Euro
98001ShapeRhapsody: Emerald Sword+2, Limb Music(9808-005), D, 1998,  p1 p27,50 Euro
Y4736P12"Rocky IV: Fanfare From Rocky 4,by FirstPatrol, Rush Records(RR 12025), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X2494LPgxRolling Stones: Through The Past,Darkly(B.HitsVol.2, Decca,UK,VG+/VG+(SKL 5019), 8eckCover,  p1 p2 p3
•seam split on edge of the cover.
30,00 Euro
H4654PosterRosenberg,Marianne: Fremder Mann Poster, Philips(6305 113), D,  p14,00 Euro
X8789P12"Rotane,Celvin: Back Again!, Picture Disc, Orbit, D, 1997,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X3764PosterSaragossa Band: Matchless(ONLY POSTER), Ariola, D, 1980,  p13,00 Euro
96662ShapeSaturday Night Shape: N-Trance Stayin'Alive..+2, Polymedia(005 903-2), D, 1997,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C9899P12"Scandal: Same - feat. Patty Smyth, FS-New, Columbia(8C8 39905), US, 4Tr.,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X4725LPgxSeverine: Grand Prix für, Foc, vg+/m-, Hansa(85 618 IT), D,  p1 p2 p312,50 Euro
X96PLPShakin'Stevens: The Early Days,PictureDisc, Astan, , 1982,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X5712LPgxSlick Band,Earl: Razor Sharp, m-/vg+, Capitol(ST-11570), US, 1976,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X5686PosterSmokie / Starsky and Hutch: Bravo Poster , 52cm x 39 cm, RAK, D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X5156LPgxStatus Quo: If You Can't Stand The Heat.., Foc, Vertigo(6360 164), D, 1978,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X6051PLPSting: The Dream Of The Blue Turtle,Lim.Ed, AM(39 6908-1), UK, 1985,  p1 p217,50 Euro
X6744PosterTEENS: Rock City Nights, ONLY POSTER, Hansa(203 103-320), D, 1980,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X9029PLPTeldec: Special Projects- Only Deco Picture, , D, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H9888LPgxTwisted Sister: Come Out And Play,Gimmix Cover, Atlantic(7 81275-1-E), US, co, 1985,  p1 p29,00 Euro
X3021P12"Uplifters: Mr.Real *3 - Picture, m-/--, Jam!/Sony(JAMSAMP 2918 6), , 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H9870P12"V.A.Action Mix: Vol.1+2, picture disc, BCM(B.C.33-2088-45), D,  p1 p27,50 Euro
F6533PLPV.A.Bayern Souvenirs: BauernKapelle Spitztoana,Silbertrio, Delta(PDS 108), D,Picture,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X3510PLPV.A.Boss & Krawallski: 10 tolle Hits a.d.letzten10J,, Brinkmann,DM Picture(819 821-1), D, Foc,  p1 p2 p37,50 Euro
98487ShapeV.A.Burger King Beats: Vol.1 - 4 Tr.(Snap..Scatman John), BMG, EC, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
98488ShapeV.A.Burger King Beats: Vol.2 - 4 Tr.(Odyssey...WAR), BMG, EC, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
95208ShapeV.A.Burger King Beats: Vol.3 - 4Tr.(Jeff HealyBand..Sweet), BMG(74321 32528 2), EC,  p1 p24,00 Euro
Y4146PLPV.A.Commerzbank Top Hits: Valerie Dore...Cindy Lauper, CBS(LSP 15693), NL, 1985,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
96511ShapeV.A.Film-Hits: 5 Tr., cuba, D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H3634PLPV.A.Hamburgs Hafen wird 800.(1989): Heidi Kabel...Kurt Jürgens, PR-Record(200.111), D,pic disc, 1988,  p1 p2 p39,00 Euro
84277CDgxV.A.Lounge It: Jumpin'Jack, 15 Tr., Boxed, EMI Plus(724357635424), EU, 2001,  p1 p27,50 Euro
T2052P7"V.A.Musikalische Schnapp-Schüsse: a.d.30ger,Das Vor-Bild heißt Leica, Leitz /Teldec(940416), D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
Y3076PLPV.A.No Wave...: To Go, PicDisc, m-/vg-,cover cut, AM(PR 4738), US, 1978,  p1 p2 p317,50 Euro
H316LPgxV.A.Party-Time: metal tin - NoVinyl , only tin, Polydor(2675 003), D, vg+,  p1 p25,00 Euro
67777ShapeV.A.Reggae World: 4 Tr. Shape, BMG, , 96,  p1 p25,00 Euro
95218CDgxV.A.Sauna Connections: 9 Tr., Digi, vg+/m-, Sauna C., SF, 1998,  p1 p2 p37,50 Euro
90450CDgxV.A.Shaken and Stirred: David Arnold James Bond Proj.,Box, Warner, D,Promo, 97,  p1 p211,50 Euro
H1605PLPV.A.The House Sound: Chicago Trax Picture Disc, BCM(B.C.33-2044-45), D,  p1 p27,50 Euro
92812CDgxV.A.The Streetbox: Pop, Sony, , 2003,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X1698PLPV.A.Trucker's Favourites: Western Union...Dave Dudley,Picture, extra records&tapes(66.23789), D,BURSPEED, 1986,  p1 p2 p36,00 Euro
96762CDgxV.A.Viva Dance Vol.1: 20 Tr., Virgin, D, 1995,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X6333P12"van Dahl,Ian - Castle in the Sky: M Records-Schallplattenpresswerk, Picture(DOS 141), D, 2001,  p1 p29,00 Euro

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